A company that got benefitted from AWS (Case Study)

AWS Users:-

Here are the names of some company who use AWS:-

Adobe, Autodesk, Canon, Coursera, Disney, Docker, Reddit, Philips, Slack, Sony, Ubisoft, HTC, Nokia, SAP, Johnson & Johnson, ESPN.

According to Intricately, the top ten AWS users based on EC2 monthly spend are:-

  1. Netflix: $19 million
  2. Twitch: $15 million
  3. LinkedIn: $13 million
  4. Facebook: $11 million
  5. Turner Broadcasting: $10 million
  6. BBC: $9 million
  7. Baidu: $9 million
  8. ESPN: $8 million
  9. Adobe: $8 million
  10. Twitter: $7 million

Using AWS IoT, Amway Developed First Internet-Connected Product:-

Amway conducted a four-month evaluation of different IoT platforms, ultimately choosing AWS IoT. AWS’s scalability, global presence, maturity in the IoT space, security, and outstanding professional services were the deciding factors for Amway. Amway implemented its IoT platform in a serverless architecture using AWS IoT. It used other AWS services — including AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB — to implement key features for its connected devices, including:

  • Command and control — the ability to send commands to devices anywhere in the world and get a response.
  • Firmware updating — the ability to automatically update features on its devices.
  • Telemetry data capture — the ability to continuously collect data from devices and transform that data for later analysis or use in real-time.
  • Just-In-Time Registration — the ability to securely onboard a device to the AWS IoT platform.
  • Device pairing — the ability to know a device owner is the only one who can control the device.

Several AWS teams worked with Amway and Atmel (now Microchip), to implement Just-in-Time certificate registration for Amway’s connected devices. Just-in-Time Registration is a new AWS IoT process that automatically registers new device certificates as part of the initial communication between the device and AWS IoT, creating a seamless, highly secure user experience. With AWS Just-in-Time Registration, users are assured their Amway device will talk only to Amway’s AWS IoT platform — not to a different IoT platform or a hacked version that sits in between. For Amway, Just-in-Time Registration ensures a given device truly is an Amway manufactured device, and not a fake. For Amway’s devices, Just-in-Time Registration is handled by the Atmel microprocessor within each unit.

When it came to designing the architecture required for its IoT platform, Amway used AWS Professional Services to help it create a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to automate the delivery of platform software updates.

By using AWS serverless architecture, Amway has been able to take a very lean, agile approach to its IoT effort. “We didn’t need to invest in IT infrastructure because AWS offered a serverless architecture — that in and of itself is a huge saving,” says Binger.


Unilever conducted an exhaustive review of the available cloud-based options and finally chose to migrate to AWS, using a full range of AWS services to support 1,700 digital marketing web properties on a worldwide basis.

For Unilever, the advantages include increased speed of rollout for a website (now two days, rather than the pre-AWS average of two weeks), and the increased speed at which changes to a site or a marketing campaign can be made. Unilever also uses AWS for comprehensive backup and disaster recovery, and rapid deployment of standardized infrastructure.

AWS Revenue:-

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